2024 NBA mock draft: Projections for all 30 first-round picks during draft week (2024)


NBA Draft week has arrived, and there are still plenty of questions about how each pick will play out.

The first round of the 2024 NBA Draft is on Wednesday night, and there isn't a full consensus for who the Atlanta Hawks will select with the first overall pick. Things only get more uncertain further into the first round.

In addition to that uncertainty, there are the questions later in the draft about Bronny James' draftability and landing spots. There's also the possibility of trades before and after draft day that could drastically change its outlook.

Experts from around the web tried to address the many possibilities of draft night in their respective mock drafts. Here's what some of those experts have projected for each of the 30 picks in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft.

NBA MOCK DRAFT: Zaccharie Risacher, Alex Sarr sit 1-2; two players make debuts

2024 NBA Draft projections

No. 1 overall pick, Atlanta Hawks

Jeff Zillgit, Scooby Axson – USA TODAY: Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg (France)

They write: "Has the scoring ability, size, length, quickness and athleticism teams are seeking in today’s NBA. Quick release on catch-and-shoots, is able to create off the dribble and runs the court well."

Kevin O'Connor – The Ringer: Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg (France)

He writes: "After working out for the Hawks last week, Risacher seems like the most likely choice at this point. He’s theoretically a 3-and-D wing who can fit in on the team whether or not Atlanta keeps Trae Young. I’m not as high on Risacher as others are because of his lack of a proven jump shot and shot creation skills. But there’s no doubt that he can defend."

Jonathan Givony, Jeremy Woo – ESPN: Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg (France)

Givony writes: "Risacher, as he has for much of the pre-draft cycle, continues to hold firm as the choice at No. 1 following a positive workout with Atlanta. The feedback from those who have seen him in the United States is that he is a better passer and does a better job of initiating contact and playing through physicality than is expected with his lean frame."

No. 2 overall pick, Washington Wizards

USA TODAY: Alex Sarr, Perth (Australia) Wildcats

They write: "A strong defender and shot-blocker who plays with force on both ends; has good hands, uses his body well and though he doesn’t have the prettiest shot, he gets it to go in. His brother player, Olivier, is on two-way G League contract with Oklahoma City. Sarr has not worked out individually for the Hawks but that could change before the draft."

The Ringer: Alex Sarr, Perth (Australia) Wildcats

O'Connor writes: "The Wizards haven’t had a defensive rating higher than 18th in seven seasons. As a versatile player with a 7-foot-4 wingspan, Sarr should be able to help there. Offensively, he’s more of an interior guy at this stage but has flashed potential scoring from midrange and has an improving 3-point jumper."

ESPN: Alex Sarr, Perth (Australia) Wildcats

Woo writes: "Sarr arguably has the greatest upside available here, with the physical attributes to be a top defender as well as the makings of a useful offensive skill set as a finisher and improving floor spacer."

No. 3 overall pick, Houston Rockets

USA TODAY: Reed Sheppard, Kentucky

They write: "Can flat out score, especially off screens, using floaters or pulling up in transition. Lacks elite athleticism but handles ball well enough to warrant look at point guard. Will compete defensively, and rebounds well for his size. Performed well at the NBA draft combine with his shot and impressive 42-inch vertical leap."

The Ringer: Reed Sheppard, Kentucky

O'Connor writes: "With Fred VanVleet already under contract, there’d be no pressure for Sheppard to develop quickly in Houston. He could learn from the vet while providing a spark off the bench with his knockdown shooting ability, which the Rockets could use more of after they made just 36.1 percent of their 3s last season."

ESPN: Reed Sheppard, Kentucky

Givony writes: "Should the Rockets stand pat, Sheppard has been the favorite here since draft lottery night. Houston's ownership group traveled to meet with him in Los Angeles fairly early in the process, and he visited the Rockets' facility to make his case as the best shooter in the draft."

No. 4 overall pick, San Antonio Spurs

USA TODAY: Stephon Castle, UConn

They write: "While his stats don’t jump out, he is a big guard, especially at the point who can play multiple positions. Can create own shot but will be most useful on the defensive end to start career. He doesn’t force shots, picks his spots and was tough to defend in the tournament."

The Ringer: Matas Buzelis, G League Ignite

O'Connor writes: "Buzelis would be an ideal fit next to Victor Wembanyama because of his blend of size, shot-creation skill, and defensive versatility. Buzelis would need to prove he can shoot 3s at a reliable level, but the Spurs also have a great history of improving shooters."

ESPN: Stephon Castle, UConn

Givony writes: "With Risacher and Sheppard off the board in this scenario, Castle appears to be a strong candidate to hear his name called here."

No. 5 overall pick, Detroit Pistons

USA TODAY: Matas Buzelis, G League Ignite

They write: "Good leaping ability, surprises with his dunks, soft shooting touch, plays through contact. Tested well at the combine with agility, vertical leap and other drills."

The Ringer: Cody Williams, Colorado

O'Connor writes: "Williams is a raw forward who had an up-and-down freshman season at Colorado. But the idea of him next to players like Cade Cunningham and Ausar Thompson is exciting. Detroit would have a young core with size, versatility, and creation ability."

ESPN: Matas Buzelis, G League Ignite

Woo writes: "Buzelis fits Detroit's timeline and positional needs, and he has the size and versatility at forward that Langdon's former group tended to favor (and had success with) during his five years as general manager in New Orleans."

No. 6 overall pick, Charlotte Hornets

USA TODAY: Donovan Clingan, UConn

The Ringer: Stephon Castle, UConn

ESPN: Dalton Knecht, Tennessee

No. 7 overall pick, Portland Trail Blazers

USA TODAY: Cody Williams, Colorado

The Ringer: Donovan Clingan, UConn

ESPN: Donovan Clingan, UConn

No. 8 overall pick, San Antonio Spurs

USA TODAY: Rob Dillingham, Kentucky

The Ringer: Devin Carter, Providence

ESPN: Rob Dillingham, Kentucky

No. 9 overall pick, Memphis Grizzlies

USA TODAY: Dalton Knecht, Tennessee

The Ringer: Ron Holland, G League Ignite

ESPN: Cody Williams, Colorado

No. 10 overall pick, Utah Jazz

USA TODAY: Ron Holland, G League Ignite

The Ringer: Dalton Knecht, Tennessee

ESPN: Nikola Topic, KK Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)

No. 11 overall pick, Chicago Bulls

USA TODAY: Nikola Topic, KK Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)

They write: "The Serbian point guard, who has been sidelined with a knee injury, has great size for his position; loves to drive to the rim and can finish with either hand; can shoot the 3 but will need to improve his percentage. Strong passer, not flashy, but sees the court and can make the right pass."

The Ringer: Rob Dillingham, Kentucky

O'Connor writes: "Dillingham could go a lot higher than this, but someone’s gotta fall, right? The Bulls could use a backcourt partner for Coby White, and Dillingham’s dynamic scoring ability could make them a formidable duo."

ESPN: Devin Carter, Providence

Woo writes: "After trading Alex Caruso for Josh Giddey, Chicago has a clear need for a defensive playmaker in the backcourt and could plug Carter directly into that role, making him a natural fit here should he make it this far in the draft. The Bulls are viewed by many teams as Carter's floor."

No. 12 overall pick, Oklahoma City Thunder

USA TODAY: Tidjane Salaun, Cholet (France)

The Ringer: Zach Edey, Purdue

ESPN: Tidjane Salaun, Cholet (France)

No. 13 overall pick, Sacramento Kings

USA TODAY: Devin Carter, Providence

The Ringer: Nikola Topic, KK Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)

ESPN: Ron Holland, G League Ignite

No. 14 overall pick, Portland Trail Blazers

USA TODAY: Zach Edey, Purdue

The Ringer: Tidjane Salaun, Cholet (France)

ESPN: Ja'Kobe Walter, Baylor

No. 15 overall pick, Miami Heat

USA TODAY: Ja'Kobe Walter, Baylor

They write: "Typical 3-and-D player who will fit NBA teams looking for a shotmaker. Will need to make up deficiencies, such as questionable ball-handling skills. He competes defensively and rebounds well for a two-guard."

The Ringer: Tyler Kolek, Marquette

O'Connor writes: "Kolek’s stock appears to be on the rise as the draft approaches, with teams viewing him as a versatile guard who can provide immediate knockdown shooting and reliable playmaking. I’ve heard him connected as high as here, though perhaps if a lottery team trades down then Kolek could be a target for them too. If Miami lands him, then he would fill a clear position of need and could develop nice two-man chemistry with Bam Adebayo."

ESPN: Zach Edey, Purdue

Givony writes: "His combination of size, power and intensity has been difficult to contain in a workout setting, as there simply aren't many players in this draft equipped to slow him down."

No. 16 overall pick, Philadelphia 76ers

USA TODAY: Jared McCain, Duke

They write: "An efficient scorer on a talented team, McCain has range from 3 and can shoot it off the dribble or on the catch. Made eight 3-pointers in a game twice this season, including 8-for-11 against James Madison in the NCAA Tournament."

The Ringer: Tristan Da Silva, Colorado

O'Connor writes: "Da Silva is one of the safer bets to find success in the NBA because of his two-way abilities, and the Sixers could use his size and versatility no matter what they end up doing in free agency."

ESPN: Jared McCain, Duke

Givony writes: "Regardless of who is picking, McCain has an easy niche he can fill in the NBA with his scoring versatility, basketball instincts, competitiveness and smarts, making him an attractive option for teams drafting in this range."

No. 17 overall pick, Los Angeles Lakers

USA TODAY: Tristan Da Silva, Colorado

They write: "Displays a versatile and savvy skillset offensively, including ability to shoot 3s, cut to the rim, post up and run the offense. He played well in the tournament, making 9 of 16 3s."

The Ringer: Kel'el Ware, Indiana

O'Connor writes: "Ware could be a rookie lob threat and rim protector in the mold of Dereck Lively II of the Mavericks. But if Ware’s 3-pointer translates as well as it did during his sophom*ore year at Indiana, he could bring another dimension."

ESPN: Tristan Da Silva, Colorado

Givony writes: "Should the Lakers elect to stand pat, picking a plug-and-play wing/forward such as Da Silva would make lots of sense. He has excellent size at 6-foot-10. He made 40% of his 3-pointers. And he brings a strong feel for the game, unselfishness and competitiveness on both ends of the floor."

No. 18 overall pick, Orlando Magic

USA TODAY: Johnny Furphy, Kansas

The Ringer: Jared McCain, Duke

ESPN: Johnny Furphy, Kansas

No. 19 overall pick, Toronto Raptors

USA TODAY: Isaiah Collier, Southern California

They write: "Should be healed from hand injury suffered during season. Has an NBA-ready frame and gets to the rack and finishes. Still needs to work on inconsistent jump shot and can be a shut-down defender if he puts his mind to it. Has lottery-caliber talent and could end up being a really strong pick for a team in this range."

The Ringer: Ja'Kobe Walter, Baylor

O'Connor writes: "Walter had an up-and-down freshman campaign at Baylor, but still retains two-way potential that would make him a worthy bet if he were to slip this far."

ESPN: Kyshawn George, Miami

Givony writes: "George hit 41% of his 3-pointers last season, and he is intriguing to teams as a 6-foot-8 player with guard skills, fluidity-changing speeds and strong instincts on both ends of the floor. George has significant upside he can tap into with a late-blooming trajectory."

No. 20 overall pick, Cleveland Cavaliers

USA TODAY: Kyshawn George, Miami

The Ringer: Carlton "Bub" Carrington, Pittsburgh

ESPN: Carlton "Bub" Carrington, Pittsburgh

JOHNNY FURPHY: Australian-born hooper experienced rapid ascension from Kansas freshman to NBA draft prospect

No. 21 overall pick, New Orleans Pelicans

USA TODAY: Yves Missi, Baylor

The Ringer: Yves Missi, Baylor

ESPN: Yves Missi, Baylor

No. 22 overall pick, Phoenix Suns

USA TODAY: Kyle Filipowski, Duke

The Ringer: Isaiah Collier, Southern California

ESPN: Ryan Dunn, Virginia

No. 23 overall pick, Milwaukee Bucks

USA TODAY: Carlton "Bub" Carrington, Pittsburgh

The Ringer: Bobi Klintman, Cairns Taipans (Australia)

ESPN: Kyle Filipowski, Duke

No. 24 overall pick, New York Knicks

USA TODAY: Kel'el Ware, Indiana

They write: "Solid defender and rebounder and runs the floor well for a 7-footer. Has tendency to disappear in games but is effective on pick-and-rolls and pick-and-pops. Tends to struggle defensively against bigger, stronger foes, but has an offensive game that can translate."

The Ringer: Johnny Furphy, Kansas

O'Connor writes: "Furphy is one of the biggest risers of the pre-draft process. Though he’s incredibly raw, he’s a worthy project for the Knicks to take on considering they have multiple picks."

ESPN: Isaiah Collier, Southern California

Givony writes: "Few prospects share the size, strength, shot-creation prowess, scoring instincts and star power Collier boasts, but he'll have to find the right team willing to live through the growing pains that come with empowering him with significant ballhandling responsibility after his uneven freshman campaign."

No. 25 overall pick, New York Knicks

USA TODAY: Ryan Dunn, Virginia

They write: "Dunn excels in transition but will need to improve his outside shot and offensive skills in halfcourt offense. Outstanding defender on the ball and as a shot-blocker using his length, strength and athleticism – and would be a nice fit in Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau’s defense."

The Ringer: Ryan Dunn, Virginia

O'Connor writes: "Though Dunn’s unproven shooting ability is a concern, he’d certainly thrive as a cutter and screener for Jalen Brunson with spacing provided by a healthy Julius Randle. And if the Knicks decide to embrace small ball, then Dunn could unlock a new dimension for this team."

ESPN: Terrence Shannon Jr., Illinois

Woo writes: "The Knicks, who tend to value players with his level of toughness and motor, are also viewed as a potential fit for him if he falls."

No. 26 overall pick, Washington Wizards

USA TODAY: Tyler Kolek, Marquette

The Ringer: Kyshawn George, Miami

ESPN: Kel'el Ware, Indiana

No. 27 overall pick, Minnesota Timberwolves

USA TODAY: Terrence Shannon Jr., Illinois

The Ringer: KJ Simpson, Colorado

ESPN: Tyler Kolek, Marquette

No. 28 overall pick, Denver Nuggets

USA TODAY: DaRon Holmes II, Dayton

The Ringer: DaRon Holmes II, Dayton

ESPN: DaRon Holmes II, Dayton

No. 29 overall pick, Utah Jazz

USA TODAY: Pacome Dadiet, Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany)

The Ringer: Tyler Smith, G League Ignite

ESPN: Baylor Scheierman, Creighton

No. 30 overall pick, Boston Celtics

USA TODAY: Baylor Scheierman, Creighton

They write: "Scheierman can shoot the 3, displaying that in college and at the draft combine where he made execs believe he is a first-round pick. He has range, gets his shot off from outside quickly either off the dribble or on catch-and-shoots and can finish at the rim with either hand. Reads the pick-and-roll and sees the court well."

The Ringer: Terrence Shannon Jr., Illinois

O'Connor writes: "Shannon could master his downhill scoring ability in Boston’s developmental system, and he has enough size and versatility on defense to potentially contribute during his rookie contract."

ESPN: Pacome Dadiet, Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany)

Givony writes: "Dadiet's combination of size (6-9), youth and shot-making prowess gives him interesting long-term upside, something that could be attractive at this stage of the draft."

When is the 2024 NBA Draft?

  • Where: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York
  • When: June 26-27, 2024
  • Cable TV: ESPN; ABC
  • Streaming: ESPN+; YouTube TV; fuboTV

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2024 NBA mock draft: Projections for all 30 first-round picks during draft week (2024)
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