Firestone Lifetime Alignment Price 2024: Is It Worth It? (2024)

Firestone alignment services have never disappointed me in the past few years, keeping my old Jeep as good as new.

As one of its most devoted customers, I was eventually offered an invitation to its lifetime deal. And here is where the problem ensues: many of my fellow drivers have also learned about this lifetime offer recently, and feel unsure whether signing up for lifetime alignment Firestone is a good idea.

Let me lift the curtain for you; keep scrolling for more of my take on the matter.

In this article:

Does Firestone Do Wheel Alignment?

Fortunately, yes. Numerous reputable brands (particularly Walmart in recent months) have discontinued their alignment deals; words cannot express my gratitude upon learning that Firestone still keeps its alignment services running!

And, as expected of any Firestone maintenance tasks, these alignment upkeeps arrive in several packages to choose from. Aside from the standard, one-time pack, it offers two other options:

  • Lifetime warranty: Promising zero-cost alignment every 6000 miles, guaranteed that you still own that vehicle
  • Safety system alignments: Taking care of modern alignment-monitoring features (mostly on modern vehicles), such as lasers, radars, cameras, and sensors.

Is Firestone Lifetime Alignment Cost Worth It?

Price$80 for 12-month/12,000-mile warranty$200 upfront for lifetime (the same car)
Extra ServiceLimited adjustmentsCheap equipmentMore feature adjustmentsHigh-quality equipment

What Firestone lifetime offers is pretty straightforward: you pay $200 for the service, and it will deliver zero-cost alignment for you every 6000 miles or 6 months – whichever comes first – provided that it is the same car.

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I have tried a lot of wheel alignment brands, and understand more than anyone else that Firestone is not really the most affordable label in town. That explains people’s hesitancy to enroll in the lifetime wheel alignment.

But trust me; it is worth every single penny. Let’s break down each criterion:

The Firestone Alignment Price

Lifetime deals charge you about $160 to $200, depending on whether you still have extra unused $20 coupons (I have three, by the way).

Sure, $200 might sound like a lot at first hearing. But remember that Just Tires charges almost the same with a warranty of merely three years, while Sears demand almost $130 at zero guarantees. So when putting two and two together, Firestone packages obviously deliver better financial advantages.

Plus, it is not even that expensive compared to FireStone’s one-time deal (about $80 with only a 12000-mile/1-year warranty).

Suppose I keep my Jeep for six years; the number below will be the estimated expenses in either scenario:

  • If I choose the one-time package, wheel alignment at Firestone costs me $480 (80 x 6 = $480; you do the Math). These numbers only add up as the years go by.
  • For the lifetime deal, I get free alignments every 6000 miles. Whether I keep my Jeep for six or twenty years, it does not matter. Aside from the initial $200 upfront cost, the brand will never charge me any extra dime.

Even my grade-5 child has zero difficulties pointing out the better deal between the two. I see no reason why you cannot!

The Equipment

They say you get what you pay for – and that sentiment could not be more appropriate for Firestone’s alignment services. With the lifetime package, I am offered to enjoy every service introduced in the standard option, coupled with extra service additions and better equipment quality.

More specifically, while the wheel alignments are carried out, technicians also take time to care for other compartments on my Jeep, such as:

  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Transmission
  • Air pressure/tire pressure
  • Oil change

Only to name a few! Better lifespan, great fuel economy, and optimal steering controls are to be expected, boosting my driving experience ten folds.

When Should You Use Firestone Lifetime Alignment?

Although the lifetime services offer tons of amazing benefits, my two cents are that this option might not be for everyone. For my part, I only sign up for this deal due to these three reasons:

  • I travel a lot: My car is on the road from early morning till the clock strikes 12. Hence, zero-cost alignment every 6000 miles is obviously a big bargain for me. Meanwhile, people who only take their cars out once a year or every few months will find $200 quite a stretch.
  • I live near Firestone branches: Double-check whether there is any Firestone shop around your neighborhood. Driving two or three hours just to align your wheels is a clear waste of time, effort, and gas bills, even compromising your budget-saving plans.
  • I stick with my Jeep forever: Are you one of those who switch cars every few years? Then the lifetime deal is definitely not for you, as the brand states clearly in its alignment terms that you must still own the same vehicle.

So ask yourself whether you tick all of my three boxes. Otherwise, a more fitting bargain is likely waiting for you elsewhere.

Why Should You Choose Firestone for Wheel Alignment?

Firestone is not the only brand that offers standard alignment. So the critical question is: why Firestone?

It’s simple: great service, neck-breaking working rate, and amazing customer support. My car has enjoyed better performance and gas mileage ever since I switched to Firestone, only needing upkeep every 8000 miles instead of the usual 5000 like before.

Other Services and Benefits At Firestone Complete Auto Care

Firestone Lifetime Alignment Price 2024: Is It Worth It? (2)

Standard wheel alignment service is merely one service among tons offered by Firestone. My Jeep has also received:

  • Battery installation
  • A/C, brake, and engine repair
  • Engine tune-ups
  • Radiator services
  • Oil changes
  • Suspension and steering inspection
  • Tire rotation, mounting, and repair; checking tire condition
  • Transmission upgrades
  • Fixing uneven wear
  • Valve stem replacements

And a lot more!


Do You Need A Proper Wheel Alignment After Replacing All Four Tires?

Not necessarily. I see a lot of cars with brand-new tires that are still doing fine without four-wheel alignment.

Why Is My Car Pulling Left After Alignment?

Restricted brake pads or sticking calipers might be the culprits. Have them inspected by a trusted Firestone mechanic.

Firestone Lifetime Alignment Price 2024: Is It Worth It? (2024)
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