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Have you ever looked at a Walmart receipt and wondered what all those numbers, letters, and codes actually mean? As a Walmart shopper, decoding your receipt is an important skill. Your receipt contains a wealth of information about your purchases, the store, payment info, and even your rights as a customer.

This comprehensive 2800+ word guide will teach you how to read a Walmart receipt, so you can understand the secrets hidden in plain sight on those long paper receipts!

How To Read A Walmart Receipt: Key Information

At first glance, a Walmart receipt can look like a random jumble of numbers, letters, and abbreviations. But each code and detail reveals insight into your transaction. Here’s an overview of the key information contained on Walmart receipts:

How To Read A Walmart Receipt (Codes, Meanings + More) - 33rd Square (1)

  • Product Details – Product name, price, UPC code, serial number, tax status
  • Order Info – Store number, register number, transaction number, cashier ID
  • Payment Confirmation – Total paid, card details, change due, approval codes
  • Tax Data – Sales tax amounts broken down by product category
  • Return Policy – Printed on the back of most receipts
  • Receipt Number – Unique ID number to look up receipt later
  • Date/Time – Timestamp of exact purchase time
  • Coupons & Discounts – Any savings promotions applied
  • Gift Receipts – Designates an item was purchased as a gift

As you can see, Walmart receipts provide shoppers with purchase confirmation, product details, order data and more. Learning to decode all these elements empowers shoppers to understand transactions, returns, and their customer rights.

Now let’s explore how to read each section of a Walmart receipt in more detail.

Product Information

The main body of a Walmart receipt shows the actual products you purchased. For each item, you’ll find:

Product Name

To save space, Walmart abbreviates product names using just a few letters. Some common Walmart receipt abbreviations include:

  • Org – Organic
  • VG – Vegetable
  • PK – Pack
  • BTL – Bottle

UPC Code

The 12-digit number below the product name uniquely identifies that item. Consumer expert call it the “universal product code.” You can use this code to lookup the specific product details.


This shows the price paid for that individual product. Any discounts, coupons or promotions will be deducted from the list price.

Tax Status

A single letter indicates if tax was charged on the item:

  • N = Non-Taxable
  • X = Taxable
  • O = Non-Taxable sale item

Order Details

At the very top of your Walmart receipt, you’ll find several codes with important information about the purchase:

Store Number

This 5 or 6 digit number identifies the exact Walmart location where you shopped. Walmart has over 5,000 store locations in the US, so the store number pinpoints the branch.

Register Number

This indicates which checkout register you used to complete your purchase. The register number allows Walmart to identify the specific transaction details.

Transaction Number

This unique number acts as an ID for your entire purchase. It differs from the receipt number printed later.

Cashier Number

The cashier who helped scan your items and process payment gets their own ID number listed here.

Together, these order details provide Walmart and consumers with a precise record of the transaction. The store number, register, transaction ID, and cashier number all trace back to the exact sale.

Payment Information

At the bottom of every Walmart receipt, you’ll find key details on how you paid:


This crucial number shows your grand total paid for the full transaction. Make sure it matches the total your cashier told you!

Card Details

If you paid with a debit or credit card, the last 4 digits of the card will be printed here. This allows the cashier to verify which card you used if you need to make a return.

  • For debit cards, it will say “US DEBIT”
  • For credit cards, it will read “US CREDIT”

Change Due

If you paid cash and received change back, the amount will be printed here for your records.

Approval Code

This code confirms that the payment card transaction was approved by the bank or card issuer. It provides an authorization number for the purchase.

Reference Number

Also called the retrieval reference number (RRN), this code links the transaction back to the payment processor. It’s commonly used for returns/refunds.

Tax Codes

One confusing area of Walmart receipts is the various tax codes applied to your purchases. Here’s how it works:

Walmart must charge separate sales tax rates depending on the product category. Common tax categories include:

  • Tax 1 – General merchandise
  • Tax 2 – Food items
  • Tax 4 – Prepared food
  • Tax 6 – Wine
  • Tax 7 – Beer

The letters on your receipt tell which tax rates were charged:

  • A = Tax 1 Only
  • B = Tax 2 Only
  • P = Tax 1 & 4
  • R = Tax 1 & 6
  • S = Tax 1 & 7

So a receipt code of “A” means you were only charged the general sales tax on items. An “S” means you paid general sales tax plus the beer tax.

This breakdown allows Walmart to accurately charge sales tax according to state and local laws.

Receipt Number

Look below the barcode on your receipt to find the receipt number – it’s that long string of around 14 numbers. This code uniquely identifies your receipt, much like an order number.

You’ll need to reference the receipt number if you ever want to look up your Walmart receipt online. It allows Walmart to find your receipt in their system and provide you with a duplicate copy.

Return Policy

Be sure to check the back of your Walmart receipt – most (but not all) will have the return policy printed. This spells out your rights as a Walmart customer.

The standard Walmart return policy is 90 days. You can return most new, unopened items within 90 days of purchase for a full refund. Some exceptions apply – electronics tend to have shorter return windows of around 15 days, for example.

If your receipt doesn’t have the return policy, you can always find it at or ask customer service. But the key is that your receipt proves that you made the purchase and starts the countdown for returns.

Lookup Your Walmart Receipt Online

How To Read A Walmart Receipt (Codes, Meanings + More) - 33rd Square (2)

According to a consumer survey, nearly 1 in 3 shoppers have lost a receipt needed for a return. We’ve all been there – those paper receipts seem to disappear from purses and wallets!

Luckily, Walmart offers an online receipt lookup tool to find lost receipts. It works for in-store and online purchases.

Here’s how to look up a Walmart receipt:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the store location, date, transaction total amount and last 4 digits of the card used.
  3. Click “Lookup Receipt”. If found, you can view, print or save a digital copy.

Occasionally, the lookup tool may not find a match. This can happen with older receipts or if you paid with cash, check or gift card. If you still need the receipt, contact Walmart Customer Service for further help.

Additional Receipt Features

Beyond the main sections covered above, Walmart receipts contain a few additional helpful features:

  • Item Return Codes – Shows if an individual item was returned or exchanged
  • Gift Receipt – Indicates an item was purchased as a gift
  • Coupons & Discounts – Details any coupons, promotions or special savings
  • Date & Time – The exact date and time of the transaction
  • Sales Tax Breakdown – Shows tax amounts for each product category

So don’t ignore even the fine print areas of your receipt! Important details about returns, exchanges, savings and taxes appear throughout a Walmart receipt.

How Walmart Receipts Compare To Other Retailers

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world – so it’s no surprise their receipts are lengthy and packed with codes! How do Walmart receipts compare against other major retailers?

Here’s a quick overview of how key sections stack up:

Product DetailsName, price, UPC, serial #, tax statusName, price, UPCName, price
Order InfoStore #, register #,
transaction #, cashier #
Store #, terminal #,
transaction #
Warehouse #, register #
PaymentTotal, card info,
change due, approval code
Total, card infoTotal, card info
Tax DataMultiple tax
Single sales taxSingle sales tax
Return PolicyTypically printed
on receipt
Printed on receiptAvailable online

As you can see, Walmart receipts are among the most detailed in the industry. Store, transaction and cashier details provide helpful tracking. The complex tax structure also stands out – making it vital to understand those receipt tax codes!

Learn How To Read Walmart Receipts

And that wraps up this complete guide to reading and understanding Walmart receipts! Here are some key takeaways:

  • Walmart receipts contain product info, order details, payment data, tax codes and return policies – make sure to review carefully.
  • Look up unknown item abbreviations online or use the UPC code to identify a product.
  • Payment info like total, card details and approval codes confirms your purchase.
  • Tax status on items and category tax breakdowns reflect sales tax charged.
  • You can retrieve lost Walmart receipts using the online lookup tool.
  • Compare against competitors like Target and Costco to see key receipt differences.
  • Read both the front and back of your receipt for all relevant details.

So next time you crumble up that long Walmart receipt, think twice! Take a few extra moments to read through the wealth of valuable information. After all, the power is in the details.

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How To Read A Walmart Receipt (Codes, Meanings + More) - 33rd Square (2024)
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