NBA mock draft: Phoenix Suns' final projections for 2024 NBA Draft include Tyler Kolek (2024)

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The Phoenix Suns currently hold the No. 22 pick in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft on Wednesday, June 26.

Who will the team take with that selection, if it keeps the pick?

Take a look at what NBA sites are saying about the Suns' 2024 NBA draft pick in their final NBA mock draft projections.

Point guards are popular selections for Phoenix in recent NBA mock drafts, especially Marquette point guard Tyler Kolek, who has been linked to the Suns in recent reports.

Keep coming back for updated NBA mock draft picks for Phoenix before the first round of the draft.

Phoenix Suns' 2024 NBA draft odds: Tyler Kolek, Zach Edey favored to be picked at No. 22

CBS Sports: Suns select Marquette point guard Tyler Kolek at No. 22

Kyle Boone writes: "Phoenix is seemingly very interested in Tyler Kolek given his prolific college career and win-now skill set that could help with Kevin Durant in town. He's an elite distributor who plays a selfless style and has developed into a well-rounded offensive weapon as a scorer, too."

College Sports Wire: Suns pick Marquette point guard Tyler Kolek at No. 22

Andy Patton writes: "There is a lot of buzz about Kolek to Phoenix, and it’s not hard to see why. The Suns need a true point guard, a selfless floor general who can distribute the ball to score first players Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal, and Kolek is the exact type to handle that role. Kolek may not have the upside of some of the younger guards still on the board, but for a win now team in Phoenix – this is the perfect fit."

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CBS Sports: Suns draft Baylor shooting guard Ja'Kobe Walter at No. 22

Adam Finkelstein writes: "If Phoenix keeps the pick, a more seasoned player capable of stepping right into the rotation like Tyler Kolek or Baylor Scheierman could make sense, but Walter is a 19-year-old with physical tools and two-way potential."

The Ringer: Suns take USC point guard Isaiah Collier at No. 22

Kevin O'Connor writes: "There probably isn’t a better landing spot for Collier than the Suns, even though ending up here would necessitate falling in the draft. Collier’s downhill attacking ability would flourish alongside Phoenix’s spacing."

When is 2024 NBA Draft? Date, time, location, rounds, pick order, odds, how to watch on TV Suns go with Dayton PF/C Daron Holmes at No. 22

It writes: "Bouncy, wiry athletic big with sweet shooting ability from the perimeter … Really explosive around the rim and Very prolific and efficient junior season at Dayton averaging 20 ppg, knocking down 1 three point shot a game 32/83 (38%) on the season … Shows a lot of explosiveness off of two feet in the paint for dunks and rebounds."

Tankathon: Suns choose Pittsburgh point guard Carlton Carrington at No. 22

The site has Carrington going to Phoenix after Kel'el Ware and before Zach Edey.

NBA mock draft 2024: Do Phoenix Suns need to take a point guard in 2024 NBA Draft?

NBA Draft Room: Suns end up with Marquette point guard Tyler Kolek at No. 22

It writes: "A true floor general with an elite feel for the game and a great 3pt shot. Should be an immediate impact player at the next level and a great pick for a team looking to compete next year."

Yahoo Sports: Suns land Marquette point guard Tyler Kolek at No. 22

Krysten Peek writes: "The general consensus is that the Suns are zeroing in on Kolek because of his high IQ and ability to come in right away and give solid minutes. He plays bigger than his frame, is smart with the ball and finishes well through contact."

NBA mock draft: Phoenix Suns go big with 1st-round pick in 2024 NBA Draft

Sports Illustrated: Suns take Baylor center Yves Missi at No. 22

Kevin Hicks writes: "The Suns' interest in Missi is now widely known. Phoenix takes a chance on the center as it is a huge need and Missi could very well be the best player available here."

CBS Sports: Suns pick Purdue center Zach Edey at No. 22

David Cobb writes: "Deciphering exactly how Edey will fit in the NBA will take some creativity. But he's an immensely gifted post scorer, and this would be a relatively low-pressure situation. If he can play some minutes as a backup big early for Phoenix, then great. But even if he proves too much of a defensive liability in the long run, there's no shame in taking a swing on the two-time Naismith winner."

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NBA mock draft: Phoenix Suns' final projections for 2024 NBA Draft include Tyler Kolek (2024)
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