Portland Craigslist Musical Instruments (2024)

1. Musical Instruments for sale in Portland, OR

  • Multnomah co musical ...

  • portland musical instruments - craigslist

2. oregon coast musical instruments - craigslist

  • Piano · Amp · Guitar

  • oregon coast musical instruments - craigslist

3. Musical Instruments near Portland, ME - craigslist

4. FS - Vox Bobcat S66 like new! | The Gear Page

  • Apr 17, 2024 · portland.craigslist.org. Vox Bobcat S66 guitar superb condition - musical instruments - by owner - sale - craigslist. what a great guitar ...

  • yes, these ARE special. excellent build playability and sound. 650 shipped or 600 pickup in portland. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/msg/d/portland-vox-bobcat-s66-guitar-superb/7737154223.html

5. Can you identify this mystery bayan? - The Accordionists Forum

  • Oct 8, 2021 · Hey folks, I've found a rather hefty looking bayan for sale some ways away from me. While it may not be possible for me to buy it, ...

  • Hey folks, I've found a rather hefty looking bayan for sale some ways away from me. While it may not be possible for me to buy it, I would at least like to know who made it. The seller is Russian and the register switch labels look like Russian, but I (in my limited experience) cannot place the...

6. EBAY/CL/FACEBOOK/other sites DEAL ALERTS for vintage drums!

  • Apr 15, 2021 · EBAY/CL/FACEBOOK/other sites DEAL ALERTS for vintage drums! · Blaemire Snare Drum - RARE - musical instruments - by owner - sale - craigslist.

  • There are still deals out there. I was playing and couldn't run to get them.

7. Craigslist sellers: What's the current state of your gear sales? | Page 4

  • Feb 21, 2023 · In Portland OR. I'm fairly ... Needs a good home & someone to play... portland.craigslist.org ... Craigslist for musical instruments is dead.

  • My observations as a buyer vs. a seller. In Portland OR. I'm fairly confident many of the nicer, higher-end guitars are on CL solely to keep their wife/SO happy, so they can say "Hon, no one's buying my guitar but I'm still trying to sell it!" There's a dude who's kept an '87 PRS for sale for...

8. Local CL: 2018 Gibson Les Paul Custom Peaco*ck Widow

  • Oct 21, 2020 · portland.craigslist.org. 2018 Gibson Les Paul Custom Peaco*ck Widow - musical instruments - by... Mint condition and fantastic looking. 1 of ...

  • 2018 Gibson Les Paul Custom Peaco*ck Widow - $4500 https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/msg/d/portland-2018-gibson-les-paul-custom/7218062862.html This is not my listing nor guitar, just thought it was an unusual LP that ya'll might want to know about. I've got a 2007 Original Robot still NIB...

9. eBay/Craigslist cymbal alerts - the official thread | Page 83 - Drum Forum

  • May 20, 2010 · sfbay.craigslist.org. 20" Zildjian K jazz ride cymbal - musical instruments - by owner -... First hundred bucks gets it. Would consider ...

  • 1950's Zildjian 18 inch crash/ride at 1450 gm. at $130 shipped. Incorrectly listed as a 1970's. I made an offer of $100 but was countered at $115. These usually sell in the $135-$165 range. Should be nice sounding at this light medium weight...

Portland Craigslist Musical Instruments (2024)


Should you buy musical instruments online? ›

The brand and model information are key things to look for when buying any instrument, but very important to look for when shopping online. In addition, you can oftentimes play-test an instrument before you purchase it. There's no way to do this when you shop for instruments online.

Are musical instruments worth money? ›

Condition. A collectible musical instrument will be most valuable if it's in mint condition. Rare or vintage musical instruments, or musical instruments that belonged to famous people, are unlikely to be in mint condition.

Which day is good for buying musical instruments? ›

Buy A Musical Instrument Day is celebrated on May 22 every year. In 2024 Buy A Musical Instrument Day will occur on a Wednesday.

What is the most valuable instrument? ›

The first place on the list of the most expensive instruments in the world is occupied by the “MacDonald” Stradivarius viola, which is valued at over 45 million dollars. Why is this instrument so expensive? The reasons can be summarised in a couple of key points regarding Antonio Stradivari's artistic production.

Is it safe to ship musical instruments? ›

Musical instruments are both expensive and fragile. Special shipping considerations are required to make sure the goods arrive undamaged, and you don't lose money. It is not recommended to ship musical instruments without the product's specific case, this should be avoided wherever possible.

Is it okay to buy violin online? ›

Should you purchase it online or go to a local store? Well, there are benefits and drawbacks to both. However, buying online can bring more facilities. We all know how it is before buying your new violin, no one wants to invest in the wrong instrument.

Can you learn a musical instrument online? ›

A big part of learning an instrument is the interactive component. Learning how to play music with others is a beneficial skill. Of course, you can always pair your online lessons with in-person playing and practicing to get the best of both worlds!

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