Precise and Perfect Alignment for Every Vehicle (2024)

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What equipment do you use to calibrate my vehicle’s wheel alignment?

No set of eyeballs has ever produced an accurate alignment. A successful tire alignment hinges on using advanced computerized alignment equipment. We’re talking fractions of a degree here. Undetectable to the naked eye.

At Firestone Complete Auto Care, our advanced computerized alignment equipment configures to your vehicle’s camber, caster and toe specs.

Our Computerized Alignment Equipment:

  • Measures and sets all four tires to the settings specified by your vehicle manufacturer. Accuracy and precision of this equipment minimizes accelerated tire wear and reduced fuel economy.
  • Provides the most accurate reading available. Gone are the days of eyeballing wheel alignment and using tape measures and strings to set alignment angles. Our computerized alignment equipment gets the job done better and more accurately than ever before.
  • Knows every vehicle. Each vehicle has different specifications provided by the vehicle manufacturer. It’s all preloaded in our equipment so you get a precise alignment.

Ready for the perfect alignment? So are we.

Take advantage of our Lifetime Alignment service.

Do I need an appointment for wheel alignment?

You don’t need one, but an appointment always helps. Wheel alignments aren’t an in-and-out service. They take precision and focus and the time needed will vary based on the current condition of your ride. If your alignment is off by even a tiny fraction of a degree, it can mean trouble for your vehicle.

We’d be happy to set up a wheel alignment service time that fits your schedule and your vehicle’s needs. And, to top it all off, we’ll perform your alignment with accurate, state of the art computerized alignment equipment.

Time for an Alignment Check? Don’t know? Schedule an appointment.

How long does it take to perform an alignment?

To quote the great Albert Einstein, “It’s all relative.” Every vehicle is different, with varying degrees of needs, making it difficult to offer a standard wait time.

There are many factors that determine how long it will take.

Wait times all depend on your vehicle type and its present condition And, with all the angles that come into play in today’s rides, each wheel could have a minimum of three alignment angles that need adjustment—caster, camber, and toe. That’s potentially 12 adjustments total. That right there means an alignment is no in-and-out-you-go service. At least, if you want it done right.

Quick Fact: If you live in the snow belt and rust has set in, even the simplest adjustments can take awhile. And, remember, misalignment of any steering or suspension angle could mean a lot of accelerated wear to your tires.

Schedule an Alignment Check and get the best handling from your ride.

Why do you only offer a thrust (four-wheel) alignment?

Vehicles are more advanced and precise than ever before. It’s only logical that we expect more from these newer, more expensive and complex vehicles. Maintaining the ride and performance demands all your wheels, not just the front wheels, are always working together, not against one another.

For that to happen, modern vehicles must be properly aligned, and that now includes the back wheels (thrust). Where the rear wheels are pointed will determine where the front wheels are pointed. A two-wheel alignment is so last century, and with that, gone are the days of the two wheel alignment.

In order to perform a proper alignment, it’s essential that we adjust the front wheels to compensate for any potential thrust angle from the back tires. It’s all about protecting your tires and preserving your ride from the damaging effects of poor alignment.

Why would my vehicle have to be altered to have an alignment performed?

Believe it or not, some alignments are not adjustable. Some vehicles allow all 12 adjustments, but some are designed with fewer possible adjustments. In order to change non-adjustable angles, off-set bushings, bolts or shims may need to be installed. These modifications may vary by vehicle.

The Good News:

If your vehicle requires aftermarket parts to correct an out-of-spec alignment angle, we can do it. If there are worn parts that prevent accurately setting the alignment, we can replace them.

What wheel alignment services do you offer?

We offer three alignment services to cover all your alignment needs. These are an Alignment Check, Standard Alignment and Lifetime Alignment.

Here’s what’s included with each service:

  • Alignment Check
  • Inspect steering and suspension system, including tire condition and air pressure.
  • Put vehicle on alignment rack, mount and compensate sensors.
  • Print out alignment readings.
  • Need an Alignment Check? Ask for one or schedule it today.

  • Standard Alignment
  • Inspect steering and suspension system, including tire condition and air pressure.
  • Put vehicle on alignment rack, mount and compensate sensors.
  • Print out initial alignment readings.
  • Adjust camber, caster, and toe angles, if adjustable, to manufacturer specifications (additional parts and labor may be necessary on some vehicles — see your customer service advisor for details.)
  • Print out final alignment readings to verify alignment is within specification.
  • Road test vehicle — to make sure all settings are performing properly.
  • Warranty: See your auto advisor for complete terms and conditions of written limited warranties.

    Schedule your Standard Alignment service.

  • Lifetime Alignment
    • All that’s offered with our Standard Alignment, but with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.* We suggest you have your alignment angles set on your vehicle every 6,000 miles or when requested, free of charge, for as long as you own the vehicle, at any of our 1,600+ locations. Talk about a valuable service for the duration of your vehicle ownership.Schedule a Lifetime Alignment and have your vehicle set for life.

    What are your steering and suspension services?

    A Standard or Lifetime Alignment can’t always solve everything. Wouldn’t that be nice, though? A part of your steering or suspension can be worn or even broken. There are a lot more parts than you think working to keep your car headed in the right direction. No matter what, we have the technicians and the parts to meet your car’s needs.

    Key parts we repair or replace include:

    • Ball joints
    • Bushings
    • Sway bar links
    • Center links
    • Idler arms/pitman arms
    • Rack and pinion units
    • Tie rod ends/sleeves
    • CV joints/boots
    • CV axle half shafts
    • Shock absorbers
    • Struts/cartridges
    • Coil springs
    • Universal joints and springs

    Although these parts are built to endure, over time some may get damaged or worn from weather and driving conditions. If we feel you need any crucial parts replaced, we’ll be able to tell during the Alignment Check.

    Having steering, suspension or alignment issues? We’ll get you straightened out.

    Why does Firestone recommend other services when I just want an alignment?

    There’s a lot going on during a wheel alignment. Although we’ll line your tires up to the exact manufacturer specified angles, along the way, parts that ensure proper alignment can wear out and become a major issue for the drivability and continued alignment of your ride.

    Steering and suspension play a major role in keeping your alignment set, but if a part on your steering or suspension is worn out or broken, your alignment can’t be properly set without replacing the part.

    Check out all the services we provide for your steering and suspension.

    How are your technicians trained to perform a vehicle alignment?

    Your alignment is counting on the knowledge and know-how of the professionals working on your ride. Here at Firestone Complete Auto Care, we put our technicians to the test before they have the go-ahead to handle this important job.

    To ensure proper alignment, we are staffed with thousands of ASE certified technicians, nationwide. Meeting your vehicle’s precise manufacturer alignment specifications is not only an expectation, it’s our expertise.

    Time for an Alignment Check? Schedule yours today.

    Do you offer a lifetime alignment option?

    You know it. We not only offer a Lifetime Alignment service, we offer a Lifetime Alignment service that you can use at any Firestone Complete Auto Care location. That’s over 1,600 potential stores to have your car re-aligned!

    So, if you’re out on the road or make a cross-country move, your Lifetime Alignment travels with you and your vehicle—wherever the road takes you. Just give a call to the Firestone Complete Auto Care of your choice and they’ll perform your next wheel alignment. No problem.

    Learn more about our Lifetime Alignment service.

    What is the warranty for wheel alignments?

    We’ve got you covered for one alignment or for a lifetime of alignments.

    Our Standard Alignment service offers a limited warranty up to 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first).

    Our Lifetime Alignment service has your ride covered, well, for a lifetime of alignments (as long as you own your car!). Every 6,000 miles or when you request an adjustment, we’ll get your alignment checked and back to factory standards. For easier planning, consider having an Alignment Check with every other oil change.

    Get your tires back pointing in the right direction. Schedule an Alignment Check.

    Why don’t you offer a $29.99 alignment?

    Ah, the ever popular, no frills alignment. Well for one, most inexpensive alignment deals don’t cover all four wheels. In the olden days, it was common to have only two tires aligned. But now, with vehicles being more precise and advanced than ever before, only aligning the front wheels is doing less than half the job.

    Front and back tire alignment is a pretty big deal. It requires a lot of calculations. Cars today are more precise and advanced. Some have suspension and stability controls that are affected by misalignment. Since the front and back tires work together, they need to be aligned with each other. That’s why we use state of the art computerized alignment equipment and the trusted hands of certified techs to get the job done right.

    Don’t buy the ’half steak sandwich’… because that’s pretty much what a two-wheel alignment will leave you with. Get the full alignment. Take your car to us, and we’ll align your vehicle with state of the art computerized alignment equipment and certified techs. You paid good money for your vehicle and tires, keep your ride running longer with a complete and precise alignment.

    How can I save on a wheel alignment?

    Sign your ride up for the Lifetime Alignment service. It’s in your car’s best interest. Look, if you plan on keeping your car for many miles to come, you’re going to need an alignment from time to time. With all those potholes and bumps and bounces here and there, it’s actually pretty easy for your vehicle to lose alignment.

    To save on the expensive cost of having to replace tires or parts sooner, schedule an Alignment Check with every other oil change or every 6,000 miles.

    Our Lifetime Alignment service is a great investment compared to the Standard Alignment service. You’ll save in the long run knowing your car is properly aligned with regularly performed alignments for the entire time you own your car. We’ll align your car at any Firestone Complete Auto Care location in the country. That’s over 1,600 stores by the way.

    Point your tires in the right direction. Schedule an Alignment Check today.

    Learn about all the alignment services we offer.

    Take advantage of our Lifetime Alignment service.

    Precise and Perfect Alignment for Every Vehicle (2024)
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