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Quests are the missions you can select in Escape from Tarkov. These will give you different kinds of rewards like money, reputation points, weapons, valuable items, and more. While their objectives might seem clear, there is a couple of details that you should know about these tasks.

This guide will let you know how to complete quests and which types of quests are in the game.

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How To Complete Quests in Escape From Tarkov

To complete any type of quest, first you need to accept it. Go to any Trader and visit their “Tasks” tab. If they have any available, you’ll see them here with the small notice saying “new!”. Press “Accept” left to your stats and loyalty level and you’ll have it activated.

To know when any Trader has a new quest for you, check if they have a green tick on the top right corner of the character’s avatar in the Traders menu.

When the quest is indeed active, you will see the objectives displayed as a list, and below will be the rewards for the completion. Also, on the right side of the quest’s title (above the description of it), you’ll see in which location you have to complete it. Some can be completed in many or all maps, while others have exclusive zones.

You can have as many quests active at a time as you want.

Generally, you’ll need to make your way through Raids in order to complete your tasks. However, some of them might ask for items that you already have, so you can just redeem the items needed in that NPC Tasks tab and you’ll be done.

Don’t forget to click “Complete” above on the center of the screen to actually finish the quest and redeem the rewards.

When completing a task in-game, you'll hear a sound and receive a notification on the bottom left corner of the screen.


Types of Quests

There are several types of quests in Escape from Tarkov: Pickup, Elimination, Discovery, Standing, Exploration, Skill, Multi, Merchant, Experience, Parameter-oriented modding, and Completion. However, most of them have kind of similar objectives.

For example, Discovery, Exploration, Multi, Completion, and Pickup tasks will ask you to find items, sometimes hand them to the NPC or hide them somewhere in a level, or explore some specific locations and perform an action. Most of these quests are strongly RNG-dependent because items are randomly generated. For instance, you might enter five Raids in a row without finding a single Salewa for the Therapist. But missions that ask you to perform certain actions or find items that only exist inside quests and cannot be looted or purchased, will always be available.

One thing that you should keep in mind while looking for items in quests is that some objectives will ask you for those items to be found “In Raid”. This means that you can’t purchase these items from the Traders because they won’t count. You need to find them in a Raid and hand them while surviving the Raid.

If you’re in doubt if you found something in a Raid, you can always check if the item has a grey tick.

Elimination quests are straightforward: simply kill the number and type of enemies asked. These might have special conditions, like specific locations or the use of certain weapons, so keep an eye on them.

Jaeger’s Completion quests are more similar to Elimination tasks, as they will usually ask you to kill some enemies.

Standing and Merchant tasks have to do with the money spent on a Trader or your level of loyalty to them. These will be some of the most time-consuming quests as both increasing your loyalty level and spending huge amounts of money are grinding activities. They require hours and hours of playing.

Also on the grinding side of things, Skill quests will ask you to reach certain levels on specific skills. Always keep in mind that you can only level up all your stats with your PMC (your main character).


Parameter-oriented modding quests are exclusive to the Mechanic, and they will ask you to modify weapons with certain accessories and parts. You can find these parts while looting or also purchase some of them.

Finally, there’s a single Experience task from Jaeger. It will ask you to survive for five minutes while suffering complete dehydration (your stat should be 0%), and you can’t do this in Factory.

Operational Tasks

Operational tasks are a sub-type of quests. These work pretty similarly to the regular tasks explained above, but they tend to be much simpler and they also have a key change: they are temporal. Daily operational tasks are only available for 24 hours, while weekly ones last seven days. However, beware that the timer will be running before you accept them.

Of course, these tasks will also give you rewards, which are randomized and will also depend on the objective. Weekly operational tasks are more complex than daily ones, but they also give you sweeter rewards.

To unlock daily operational tasks, you need to reach level 5 with your PMC. On the other hand, weekly quests require level 15. Once your character has those levels, you should always check the Traders menu to see if they have a new temporary mission for you.

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