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Banner Sonic wizard Dan Jones mans the sampler before a banner specially hand-drawn for the band by the artist.

Banner Alex Polakowski plays drums in front of a backdrop executed in marker-pens on cloth.

Banner The beat-merchant with a background of fictitious undergrowth thickening around him.

Banner Daniel in action before the cycloramic artwork.

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Don't Piss On The Fish In the foreground a diseased fish heaves a last stranded gasp on the stony banks of a shrinking and poisoned stream, having coughed up a smaller fish. The big fish choking on the little fish... Beyond, a flat and barren hinterland, flagged with skeletal trees, lies bleakly beneath fat cloud sailing in the moonbeams, and a person urinates on the bottom of a tree, as in a section of 'Buffalo 66', a film by Vincent Gallo.

Excrescence In the elaborate detail of this picture, a tortuously writhing entanglement of interconnecting and venous undergrowths twists and twines around a bristled, osseous grid. Acting both as a skeleton and arterial support, the construction is also a constraining prison for the chaotic system of mutant tumours, tendrils and membranous folds that seethe across the paper. It voices concerns pertaining to the unimaginable perils of genetic engineering, illustrating a potentially disturbing view of a future dystopia where nature's creative forces are malfunctional and mutilated, and run rampant in an unbridled frenzy of cancerous and asphyxiating excrescences.

The Forest's Edge A work of fairly large scale by my standard, this drawing is a tight-knit realm of forest fantasy, a surreally illogical allegory. Flavours of the fairytale, excerpts from the medieval carnival, the otherwordly, the grotesque, folklore and the wonders of the world of nature, patch together art-historic quotes in a spontaneous and self-perpetuating stream of the subconscious.

The Forest's Edge - detail 1 Rupert the Bear emerges from billowing folds of smoke, while a slow loris takes flight from a toothed snake, and a ufo's searchlight lights up an arrow stricken castle.

The Forest's Edge - detail 2 One of Escher's crocodiles and a man with a tail observe a pie speared with a syringe, and a globular dweller from The Garden of Earthly Delights lurks under cover of a decayed bloom.

The Forest's Edge - detail 3 On the outskirts of Nutwood, a couple enter an undergrowth of images - clustered mammaries droop from tree trunks with jaws agape, and a tangling of treehouse, turret and thorn.

Grid One Botanical art from the imagination! A tessellated rectilinear area overflows with profuse sarcous growth and toadstool swellings. These are enmeshed with bulging intestine-like festoons, and garlands of frond and wisp evoking corrupted club-moss and liverwort. An assortment of unidentified floral atavisms.

Lanscolide This hallucinogenic landscape can be read either as a sprawled expanse of exotic wind-sculpted heathland, or a closely viewed fold or furrow in a putrescent and suppurating hide - with nameless alien growths and eruptions of alien protuberances. The scene is bleakly ashen below a looming sky, blackened with a swarm of scrawled handwriting, reading; 'a broody cloud and a clouding brew'. This composition refers to the landscape painting of Clyde Holmes, and the liberty capped heaths and pasture of the open countryside of Northern Wales.

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Lumps and Stumps With the meticulous precision and tonality of an antique engraving, this linear drawing is of a hideously shaped and fleshy tree - the sagging branches hung with a crop of dry and disembodied breasts. The hollow spread of the bole is gaping and yawning with vents, and clothed in a wart-ridden bark of calloused skin, ridden with purblind eye and amputated, genital stumps. This artwork encapsulates an unsettling oneiric beauty, but simultaneously a creeping sense of inexorable decomposition and contagious, saprophyte growth.

Sabretooth - Untitled (from Monster series) Part of a current sequence of drawings produced in preparation for the imminent Hell project, this menace is one of the many hundreds that will exist in a protracted and diabolical vision of the Underworld.

Elephantine - Untitled (from Monster series) Catastrophically evil and demonic character, with poisonous teeth, and a multitude of limbs that provokes thoughts of eastern deities.

Mole - Untitled (from Monster series) This terrifyingly infernal beast's head is modelled on the somewhat viciously armed skull and jaws of a mole. A particular malicious function is displayed in this demon's barbed member.

Gnathic - Untitled (from Monster series) With countless sets of slavering fangs, this terrible monstrosity will devour anything that strays into range!

Muscles - Untitled (from Monster series) A disgusting, monstrous musclebound behemoth of a demoness, with jaw-cloven head. A pulsating horror of stubbled bulk.

Insect - Untitled (from Monster series) Fearsomely nimble, a ghastly entomological atrocity designed with the singular purpose of hunting down and shredding flesh.

Vulvic - Untitled (from Monster series) A nightmarish vulvic mouth on legs, this repulsing, savagely equipped devil will afford the damned no respite in her relentless hounding.

Moves Under Skin Record sleeve designed for twentysixfeet's debut release: 'Moves Under Skin'. Branching strands connect four globes and refer to DNA, and from the linked spheres, mushrooming trees tower and split asunder, revealing nemoral interiors. The root-lattice of these growths traps a flock of incubi and imps, in an inosculating cage.

Moves Under Skin - side A A fantastical realm. On the cover's a-side, three trees of bizarrely mycological shape reach upward, supporting a sidereal clutch of eyeballs, nestled in cloud. Dark space about this odd planetary body is strewn with a number of cosmic satellites and glowing moons.

Moves Under Skin - side B The cover-art on the reverse of the record represents a conjoined imaginary world. A central tree has a laddered twist of double helix, and a system of roots delving downwards to circle a hollowed, sprite and goblin filled Hades. Branches extend up and fruit in an alarming proliferation of breasts.

Eye-Eye (squares series) Weird frogspawnesque amassing of eyes, pupils enlarged, referring to egg clusters and T.S.Eliot's drowned sailors of the 'Wasteland'.

Tunnel Vision (squares series) Disappearing tunnel walled by unsighted eye-like effulgences, opaquely cataracted and glinting. No light at the tunnel's end.

Holes (squares series) Malevolently and biologically amorphous form, with a hole-pocked and perforated skin. Orifice-like pores, stoma etc are alluded to in an ambiguous fashion.

Valley (squares series) Diminutive landscape, with an imaginary organic populace inspired by the tussocked and treeless valleys of upland Snowdonia. A high skyline is shadowed with close hatching, evoking the area's oft weighted and ominous skies. Components are indistinguishable as either fauna or flora.

Moon Cloud Mountain (squares series) Blackened clouds of oriental woodcuts float heavy under a lambent moon, arising over a range of Tolkien mountains, which recede and vanish into the inky murk of the night's rain.

Untitled One (squares series) A miniaturised loam-world as seen through the mind's microscopes. Minutely cell-like forms fill the drawing, having originated in observations of germs and bacteria. Bloodcell particles fall earthwards as snowflakes, and concatenations of bones become stems of plants.

Untitled Two (squares series) In dark delineations, gloomily brooding, a shrunken jungle hosts wet and bulbously melanous organisms, mossy filaments aflail and all kinds of bizarrely botanical variations. Born from microcosms of the magnifying-glass.

Untitled Three (squares series) A pocketed structure - redolent of seed cases or the interior and apertures of crustacean carapaces, forested by grass-like shoots and blades.

Untitled Four (squares series) Conglomerate forms nest tight together in a symbiosis strange and uncertain. The subjects sprout from imagery of plankton, viral strains, singlecell organisms etc.

twentysixfeet T-shirt designs Some exclusive t-shirts designed for the musicians twentysixfeet.

Bryn Example of a portraiture commission, worked from a chosen photograph utilising an inventive handwritten method. Verses of poetry were provided by the client, the subject of which complements the exact likeness attained.

Blind Textual portrait. A work in handwriting based on a detail of an oil by Breugel, uses layered writing and the resulting differences of tone to build depth.